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Founded by Shawn Naylor in 2008, Denver & Louisville, CO-based Sound Clinic is intent on providing solutions to patients which have been historically overlooked by conventional medicine. Unlike many alternative healthcare providers, Sound Clinic prides themselves on being able to offer their services with most types of insurance, making otherwise unattainable medical practice accessible. To bring awareness to both their unique model, their therapy offerings, multiple locations and a crew of extremely skilled & diverse practitioners, Sound Clinic realized that from a brand-experience, a website experience and SEO status, they needed some help.

What We Did:

Aside from a logo, Sound Clinic really didn’t have many brand elements, so we started fresh, with a completely custom WordPress design full of smart & professional .SVG icons, duotone image filters, intentional information hierarchy structuring/funneling and an updated, modern color palette, complete with a serif & sans-serif typography combination and modern, scroll-based website behaviors. Additionally, to modernize patient on-boarding, and minimize paper documents, we used GravityForms to automate and integrate all patient paperwork to their office administrators.


A visually stimulating, professional brand in an otherwise confusing and mundane healthcare space was formed. Website traffic has significantly increased since launch and in contrast to Sound Clinic’s previously dated website experience, the robust new website gives the modern and alternative component of the organization a hit of intuition and freshness. Sound Clinic is now confidently capable of attracting new clients, scaling the digital component of their business, drawing awareness to their existence and lessening the paper product usage and time-consuming document filing for their office staff.

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