Travis Koenig Art

Travis Koenig is a Denver-based artist who focuses on large scale, decorative tattoos, featuring flowers, leaves, ornaments, animals, skulls, mythological beasts, creatures and gods. As a longstanding client of BTD, Travis has relied on us to provide best suggestion in keeping his brand and website up-to-date and looking as great as his fine art and tattoo work. In late 2023, we embarked on the third iteration of Travis Koenig's brand lift.

What we did

To begin the brand lift, we first started with website design. We knew we wanted our custom WordPress theme centric around big, bold, modern typography and a monochromatic color palette. Because of the vibrant nature of Travis’s work, we went for tonal contrast, allowing the colorful artwork to live and shine within the new website shell. Once we nailed down Roc Grotesk as the primary typeface, translating this modern aesthetic to an updated logo and other various touchpoints was a breeze.

This website was built using Advanced Custom Fields for an easy backend experience and WooCommerce to allow the artist to sell original art and prints on the website. After design was completed, we then summarized our effort in a cohesive brand book, which outlines the updated imagery, colors, fonts, logo variations and more.

Once the site was launched and active, we created a variety of print materials such as stickers, posters and business cards to supplement the visual effort.



  • Logo Identity
  • Brand Book & Styles Guides
  • Art Direction
  • Typography


  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Mobile Development


  • Print & Publication Design
  • Photography & Videography
  • Copywriting
  • SEO


A third iteration of the esteemed Travis Koenig brand was established. The modern aesthetic and fluid website experience now offers new clients the confidence in choosing Travis as the right artist for their tattoo dreams and existing clients the reassurance that the TK brand is more relevant and in-touch with modern trends and best practice than ever before.

Website Design Awards:

Best UI Design

Best UX Design

Best Innovation

Special Kudos Award

via CSS Design Awards

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I've been working with Brent Thelen for years, and never once has he fallen short of anything promised. The creativity, functionality and foresight he has put into all of my projects have been far beyond what I've expected. He provides a perfect blend of current trends, with the forethought to anticipate future design aspects making my web presence relevant for years.

I always look forward to Brent's new and updated tricks and tips every time we start something new! Travis Koenig - Travis Koenig Tattoos