Hotel Engine

Hotel Engine (HE) is a Denver-based travel tech company whose primary objective is to make lodging management easier for business while providing rates up to 60% less than public rates. As this offering is desirable for both businesses and members, Hotel Engine consistently has over 10,000+ members signup every 30 days.

With an outdated website codebase and no CMS in place for regular updates and multi-user capability, HE reached out to us to build their website using modern code and best practice for both a scalable website and overall better user experience.

What we did

Using WordPress as our CMS of choice, we created a completely custom theme, unique to the intricacies of both the website template designs and the customizable backend needs for HE administrators. Using Advanced Custom Fields Pro, we were able to create completely flexible content and customizable content, which accommodates for necessary text, video and imagery as well as inline CSS styling on a page-by page basis with a few simple clicks of a button.

Knowing that the design had to follow strict brand guidelines, we wanted to make sure that our role in the development brought some life and engagement to the user experience. To do this, we made sure whenever possible subtle animations took place on the screen, scroll-based behaviors were present on every page, and most importantly, that everything loaded quickly and responded to any device with the desired feel.



  • Art Direction


  • Website Development
  • Mobile Development


An aesthetically pleasing, functional and scalable website was created with a sleek and slick user experience, scroll-based behaviors and complex backend customizations. As of October 25th, 2019 – 13,245 members have joined Hotel Engine for free in the last 30 days!

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