City of Lone Tree

In an effort to offer accessible transportation for all, the City of Lone Tree Colorado has provided Link On Demand, a free shuttle service to residents since 2014. Link On Demand works by pairing a rider's ride with others going in the same direction, similar to a bus route. The shuttle service allows for free transportation anywhere within Lone Tree's city limits. Over the past few years (and partially thanks to COVID), the city saw that ridership levels were declining and the program's visual identity needed to be enhanced to position this service as easy, accessible and unique.

What we did

We started where we start with everything: research. We researched what other, larger cities were doing with free and/or affordable shuttle services, what visually resonates with riders both young and old, and most importantly, how a service like this would best be utilized in Lone Tree. Once we had a firm understanding of the demographics and national inspiration, we got to work.

To stay consistent with the city’s existing brand guidelines, we also wanted to present The City with 3 very unique visual options. These design options ranged from very safe (using existing fonts, colors and brand elements from the city’s current visual identity), to on-brand but enhanced (new assets, but revolving around the established brand look and feel), to a little risky (something completely new and unexpected). Ultimately, the city chose option 2.

We wanted to allude to the concept of movement and interconnectivity with our visual language. We did this by creating organic shapes, motion-driven icon styles, and interconnected patterns and iconography. The patterns we created were based on the city’s triangular logo shape – also alluding to mountains. We are in the Rocky Mountains after all! Finally, we ensured that all of these branded elements would scale to any application the city would need, including: the mobile app, the city’s website, signage, marketing collateral, advertising and trade shows.

Once approved, we compiled all these elements into an asset folder for delivery.


  • Logo Identity
  • Strategy & Positioning
  • Brand Book & Style Guide
  • Art Direction
  • Typography


A sophisticated, scalable and inclusive rebrand was established. The City of Lone Tree now can proudly boast their visually appealing and free transportation service as a recognizable and reliable source for anyone trying to get around the city.

More About Link On Demand
I had the pleasure of working with BTD on a rebranding effort and was impressed by the creativity and professionalism. From the very beginning, Brent listened to and considered my needs, presented new ideas, and worked with our team to offer exciting new options for the brand. The end result was exactly what we had hoped for and more! I would highly recommend BTD to anyone in need of top-notch, creative design. Nate Jones - City Of Lone Tree