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Edgewater, Colorado-based, All Sacred Tattoo studio needed a place where followers, fans and affiliates of their charitable organizations can come to purchase All Sacred-branded merchandise, artist prints and swag. Additionally, they wanted create awareness for their annual charity event, “Gathering For The Greater Good.”

What We Did:

As there was little defined brand, we initially nailed down the need to have consistency of brand, colors, typography, logo usage and how models & merchandise are shot. From there, we built out a WordPress multisite for both their studio and their nonprofit subsidiary “All Sacred Foundation.” We integrated WooCommerce into the studio site and utilized multisite calls to have the merchandise prevalent between both sites.

Strategist & Account/Social Media Coordinator: Nick Williams

Videographer: Tim Chrepta

branding & website creative:

All Sacred | Brand Guidelines

All Sacred | Merchandise

All Sacred Foundation | Homepage

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