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Guerilla Marketing Campaign for there… bar/restaurant of the Denver Highlands (LoHi) neighborhood.

To help promote late-night food offerings for the folks at Denver’s “there…” restaurant/bar, and showcase proximity to more “foot-trafficked” areas of town, we started by highlighting all the eccentric quirkiness that is “there…” with a guerilla marketing campaign (organic flyers, posted in 6 Denver neighborhoods,  chalk stencils), Facebook advertising and micro-site design/development.

Keeping in mind the organic nature of this campaign, we made sure to address the importance of users geographic location in attempt to highlight “where is there…?” in showing the ease of getting your late night food/drink on quickly and on-foot, if need be.  We combined the 3 above marketing approaches with a photo / video shoot for their 1 year anniversary party, to create a full-circle, cohesive and engaging campaign. Stylistically, we wanted a minimal look-and-feel to draw more attention to the messaging and offerings. All these forces in place allowed for a cohesive & successful campaign.

“there…” is a funky bar / restaurant in the Highlands Neighborhood of Denver. In a dining landscape of pizza & hamburgers, especially in the LoHi neighborhood of Denver, there… provides healthy, delicious & affordable food options from 5pm to 1am, 7 nights a week. Striving to reinvent Denver’s dining culture, we proudly host the best late-night menu around.

Copy & Video Footage by: Bo Smith

Photography by: Malevue Photography | Corey Martin

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