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RitualCravt is a renowned metaphysical shop, with a significant portion of revenue being driven through the online experience. As the website we created for them in late 2018 served the purpose of a robust eCommerce shop, blog, wholesale portal and brochure site, their internal organization, RitualCravt School, needed a unique but separate system for selling tickets to their daily in-house events and classes.

RitualCravt School

what we did

As we wanted the same look and feel as well as functionality of the primary site, – we duplicated the site, removed all the unnecessary content and got to work.

First, we knew that a calendar view would be necessary for their patrons to view their multiple times/day events, so we went with The Events Calendar Pro, a WordPress plugin which allows for robust event creation and duplication. To add to this, we needed a solution to allow these events to be associated with tickets and limitations of ticket sales as well as sharability, RSVP capability and ticket scanning capability once attendees arrive at the event. This said, we customized the Event Tickets Plus extension of the The Events Calendar Pro plugin to allow for all of this.

Finally, we tied it all in with WooCommerce, as Event Tickets Plus allow for creation of tickets, which are then saved as a WooCommerce “product,” which allows for easy checkout with Square Payment Gateway.

RitualCravt School


  • Identity
  • Strategy & Positioning
  • Art Direction


  • Prototyping
  • User Experience Design
  • Interface Design
  • Website Development
  • Mobile Development
  • E-commerce


  • Content Strategy & Creation
  • Videography
  • Copywriting & SEO
  • Brand Activation


A custom ticketing system solution was created! Unlike their previous system, users are now able to checkout and purchase tickets to multiple events at the same time, RSVP and share the event and with a much better UX, are able to peruse the event offerings much quicker and more efficiently. From an administrative standpoint, backend management has never been so easy to create events, create tickets, and have much more insight to sales – not to mention, sales are and continue to be at a record high.

RitualCravt School
RitualCravt School
RitualCravt School
RitualCravt School
"My company was provided with an aesthetically beautiful website that went beyond my vision. They have been responsive, supportive, and timely with problem solving. Thanks to Brent and Nick for all their hard work."
~ Missy Rhysing // Owner RitualCravt
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