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Music is an extremely honest medium for me. There’s never been someone to tell me what to play or how I should play it... I just write & play what I feel.

Since I first picked up the electric guitar at age 13, I was hooked. The instant ability to express suppresed emotions through constructive & creative practice was all I felt that I ever needed. Music, to me, seemed to be able to melt away all things negative surrounding life. Almost 17 years & countless bands, instrument learnings and influences, this is one of my most passionate projects and a strong stab at the nostalgia of self-expression. Thank you for listening. Enjoy "Where All Is Golden."

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Written and recorded by Brent Thelen. © 2016 Brent Thelen Music. All Rights Reserved.

All songs on “Where All Is Golden” were written and recorded by Brent Thelen. © 2015 Brent Thelen Music. All Rights Reserved.

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