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All Sacred Tattoo Studio | Foundation is a Colorado-based tattoo studio and non-profit organization with locations in Edgewater and Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Founded by Aries Rhysing in 2016, one of the world’s foremost black ink tattoo artists, Aries took more than 20 years of tattooing passion and set out to build something greater than himself. Not just for his brand or business, but for his community, for his neighbors, for his family and everyone around him.

Aries and his longtime partner, Missy Rhysing – owner of RitualCravt, co-opened a second location for All Sacred and a much larger location for RitualCravt in the early summer of 2019. As the intent with this new space was to enable both brands to build on their already thriving communities, they wanted to have an art show with esteemed artist Alex Reisfar, but also wanted to incorporate their usual philanthropic initiatives, unique to both brands.



Develop and implement a promotional campaign to build awareness of the “Behind the Veil” event, a first Friday collaboration between All Sacred & Ritualcravt.

Promote the event, featured artists, available merch and entertainment, as well as the All Sacred & Ritualcravt brands, products, services and general offerings.


Encourage social media participation and sharing, while also driving visits to the Facebook event and event web page, by promoting messaging and content from All Sacred.

Drive attendance, booking consideration and general awareness of the Behind the Veil event.


Behind The Veil

what we did

Coined as “Behind The Veil,” we were tasked to build up hype and incentivize fans and clients to attend this unique event as well as get a first look at the new, beautiful space that Aries & Missy worked so hard to create.

First we started with a simple and branded logo, which harnessed the look and feel of both brands. We then took all the pertinent information of the event and turned in into a poster. This poster was then dispersed all around Denver in relevantly “scene” establishments. Next, we took the newly branded look and feel and information to put together a short video to both tell a quick story and use for promotional purposes.

Finally, as we only had 15 days to promote the event, we heavily ran ads on Instagram & Facebook as well as Instagram Stories to targeting fans, and friends of fans to get people to show up to the event.




Behind The Veil


  • Identity
  • Strategy & Positioning
  • Voice & Tone
  • Art Direction


  • Landing Page Design
  • Landing Page Development
  • Facebook Event Creation


  • Content Strategy & Creation
  • Digital Advertising
  • Videography
  • Copywriting & SEO
  • Brand Activation


323,000+ Impressions

251,000+ People Reached

348 Reactions


563 Website landing page views

448 Event RSVP’s

Sold Out Original Art & Prints

Over $5,000 donated to charity

Behind The Veil
Behind The Veil
Behind The Veil
Behind The Veil
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