Jeremy Barber Artist

Jeremy Barber Artist

Jeremy Barber | Artist

Design, Branding & Development for Denver-based artist, Jeremy Barber.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jeremy Barber’s love for skateboarding and music has influenced him since he was a teenager. He finished an apprenticeship with the famous tattoo artist, Cleen Rock One in the mid nineties in Chicago. Jeremy continued to work in Chicago until 2001 when he moved to Saint Louis to seek new influences and opportunities. After several years of tattooing at Iron Age Studios in Saint Louis, Jeremy had his first son Atticus and decided to move his family to Denver, Colorado in 2009. Jeremy continues to work and raise his family  in the Denver area; tattooing at Thick as Thieves tattoo. Jeremy also does amazing graphic design work and has the privilege of working with companies and bands he respects such as Lifeblood skateboards, Creature skateboards, along with local companies such as Name in Blood skateboards, 303 boards, and a little band named Mastodon. Jeremy will continue to seek new influences and strive to offer the highest quality services that he can to his clients.

This website and branding is a direct reflection of Jeremy’s passion for art, skateboarding and tattooing.

Jeremy is currently working & accepting appointments at Thick As Thieves. Book an appointment with this guy!

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