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Friends & Family | Logo | Brent Thelen Design

Logo design for Colorado-based nonprofit “Friends & Family.”

Friends & Family is a Colorado-based non-profit group, aiming to serve & support the hospitality industry. From front-of-the-house to back-of-the-house, we were tasked to support this unique concept with equally unique branding.

Friends & Family | Logo | Brent Thelen Design


As the organization name suggests, “Friends & Family” is a common term in the bar/restaurant community for discounts patrons get for knowing an employee or have loyally supported said establishment and is deserving of a reward in the form of a discount. We needed to create a logo to embody the inclusivity of all aspects of the service industry in attempt to both show the professionality of the organization and also to get new members.

What We Did:

We selected a strong yet not-trendy sans-serif font as the logotype. To create the feeling of establishment and history an optional texture was then applied to the text. Finally as a stand-alone brand-element we came up with a handshake to symbolize “coming-together.” From those who wear suits to those who are tattooed from head to toe, this logomark covers all bases to showcase their non-pretentious and inclusive mission.


Friends & Family | Logotype | Brent Thelen Design

Alternate Logomark:




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