Distilled Legends

Distilled Legends | Brent Thelen Design

Distilled Legends is our whiskey tasting passion project, where we review various whiskeys from around the world and document our reactions through short-video.


Coined “distilled legends,” as to nod to whiskey and the ridiculous shenanigans associated with consuming it, we started to create a series of videos in which we tasted and reviewed various bourbons/whiskeys. As the first of it’s kind, we wanted to compare and analyze the difference between “Old Forrester” and “Old Camp” whiskeys, hence the title “Old Vs. Old.” The above video showcases the face-off and the reactions people had upon trying the two.

What We Did:

We bought a solid bottle of inexpensive whiskey “Old Forrester” and an unknown bottle “Old Camp,” from there, we started rolling the camera, following a loose script to gauge our panel of taster’s reactions. The rest is history, or dare we say “legendary.”

Designer / Videographer: Tim Chrepta

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