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don’t just walk the walk. Corpster ipsum’s corporate dummy copy generator allows users to fetishize corporate terminology in a standard lorem ipsum-esque generator.

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Being immersed in agency & corporate cultures, ridden with buzzword after buzzword to describe basic workplace function and to take a stab at creating our first lorem ipsum generator (and a stab itself at the cultural terminology that everyone uses but no-one talks about), we decided to take developing a placeholder text tool, which everyone can use. Passive aggressive? Perhaps. Useful? Definitely.

What We Did:

We started with custom branding. A basic corporate look-and-feel: blues, reds, serif font, dropcaps, minimalist design and generic corporate photography, provided by Unsplash. Next, we used user-submitted vernacular to serve up, at random all the corporate buzzwords the user could ever desire based upon how many paragraphs they request of said buzzwords.

branding & website creative:

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what's next?

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