Brushy Bee CBD

Brushy Bee CBD (BBCBD) was founded in Moravian Falls, North Carolina, formerly the site of local-icon, Brushy Mountain Bee Farm. BBCBD partners with regional hemp farmers and regional companies to secure hemp biomass and to further distill our raw crude oil. Their hemp is grown as locally and organically as possible and is extracted at their 35,000 sq. foot facility, utilizing advanced technologies and extraction methods for the finest full spectrum CBD. Marketing director, Krista Schroen reached out to Brent Thelen Design to help brand this concept from the ground up.

What we did

First, as BBCBD were new to the area in which they established their business, they wanted the name the brand to pay homage to the history of the location. This location previously had been a popular bee farm (Brushy Mountain Bee Farm) since the 1970s. After much deliberation and in-depth research, we named the brand to both nod to the historic farm and the modern products the location now creates.

Next, we wanted a clean, modern and professional look for the logo and the brand elements which visually references the science of extraction but without overwhelming the viewer with unneeded details. With the logo, we decided upon a very simple bee illustration locked up with a hexagonal shape which associates both to the shape of a “honeycomb.” In some chemical expressions, the hexagon represents benzene which is a ring of six carbons, so we really wanted to use this shape as a pattern wherever possible as it covered the brand needs on multiple levels.

The logotype was created by using a modification of the font, “Montserrat” which worked very nicely with the logomark in a variety of orientations:  horizontally, stacked, type-only  all the while allowing the logomark to stand alone in full-color, grayscale and off-white. Regarding the color palette, we wanted to evoke the feelings of modern but “natural,” healthy, energetic and professional without appearing stuffy or “corporate.”

Finally, once the branding was fully approved, we created a brand-book, print collateral and a custom WordPress-based website for BBCBD to allow them to hit the ground running with their new brand.



  • Naming
  • Logo & Identity
  • Strategy & Positioning
  • Brand Book & Style Guides
  • Voice & Tone
  • Art Direction
  • Illustration & Iconography


  • Prototyping
  • User Experience Design
  • Interface Design
  • Website Development
  • Mobile Development


  • Content Strategy & Creation
  • Print & Publication Design
  • Videography
  • Copywriting & SEO
  • Brand Activation


A modern and ethically responsible brand was born in a historically important location in rural North Carolina. BBCBD is now able to create the finest, full spectrum, wholesale CBD products and distribute them from Moravian Falls, NC to the rest of the nation with an aesthetically pleasing brand look to back their unique and technologically relevant concept. Most importantly, BBCBD is ready to compete with the rest of the world in offering products that are proven to provide relief and healing care for the greater good.